What is Project: short film?

Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue is a non- profit youth leadership and skills development company launching an exciting new national youth programme for high schools (Grade 8-12) called Project: short film.

Young students all around South Africa with a passion for film making are invited to write, direct, act and edit their very own short film and compete to see who can make the best amateur short film in the country.

The purpose of this astonishing youth project is to:

  • Recognize talent.
  • Develop leadership within teamwork.
  • Develop creativity.
  • Expand technical skills within film making.
  • Generate miration for film making and theatre under the youth of South Africa.
  • Amplify South African inspired films.

              What do you need?

  • Team members with lots of creativity.
  • A camera (smartphone camera will be sufficient and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve with your hand-held smartphone camera).
  • Original work in both pre- and post-production will be promoted at all times.
  • You can make use of any resources to your disposal in pre- and post-production.

How does it work?

  • Schools need to put together a group(s) that consist of cast and crew members (schools can enter multiple groups).
  • After submitting of the entry form the cast and crew together with a representative teacher, will choose a date that suits all to participate in an interactive online introduction to Project: short film session.
  • After the introduction, cast and crew members can start working on their short films up until the closing date for film submissions.
  • Consent forms of all participants should be signed and send to Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue before filming can start.
  • All completed short films will then be uploaded by Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue onto a digital platform for public viewing.
  • Project: short film national winners will be determined by a board of professionals within the film making industry as well as a 10% audience vote (viewer’s choice).
  • Industry-related prizes to be won.

What are the criteria?

  • The full cast and crew can vary from 3-7 members. One member can take on multiple roles in the production of the film.
  • All languages are welcome. Films that are not shot is English or Afrikaans will require subtitles.  
  • The screenplay has to be original with an underlying theme to change your world, change your country or change your immediate environment.
  • Your screenplay must have a convincing storyline with a beginning, building element, climax and ending.
  • Adding elements of comic relief or suspense are always recommended.
  • Marketing videos and promotional videos are not allowed to be submitted at Project: short film.
  • There will be no obligations to certain film genres. Take time to carefully consider which genre will best fit your theme.
  • A line item project budget and expenses have to be submitted with the final submission of your short film. No outrages expenditures will be promoted.
  • Technical aspects such as convincing characterization and development, transitions between scenes, location, set dressing, atmosphere, sound, lighting and music will be features that play an enormous part in the success of your short film. The aim is to develop these technical skills.
  • A completed short film should not exceed the time limit of five minutes. (Incl.credits)
  • Only high school learners are allowed to enter.
  • One school can enter multiple films. In this case the films should consist out of different production teams.

How do you enter?

  • Download a Project: short film entry form from www.oppietongaf.co.za under the “other projects” tab.
  • Complete the form in full, giving as much details as possible.
  • Entry Fee: R850.00 per per film
  • Closing date for entries are 23 April 2021. Closing date form film submissions are 23 July 2021

PROJECT: short film- PHASE 1

  • Step 1: Print the entry form
  • Step 2: Fill in the entry form
  • Step 3: Make payment
  • Step 4: Scan and email the entry form with the proof of payment to vorster@oppietongaf.co.za
  • The closing date for entries are 23 April 2021

PROJECT: short film- PHASE 2

Attending the scheduled COMPULSORY oline Introduction to Project: short film session

PROJECT: short film- PHASE 3

All Short Films to be submitted by 23 July 2021 (No late film submissions will be acceted)

(Short flim and and film related documents e.g. Budgets and Expenditures)

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