Covid-19 Virus Announcement

IMPORTANT-  Due to the strict social distancing measures, the Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue Competition platform will take on a different approach to addressing an audience. Leaders in Public Speaking.

Don't BITE your tongue... SPEAK your Mind!


Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue is a national Afrikaans and English  platform for the brave and creative spirits that are willing to concur the world by communicating. Let your voice be heard and speak your mind.


Let the words flow from your tongue and change your world.



Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue creates a platform where the youth can express themselves and take a stance about subject matters that are relevant today. This project enables a speaker to gain confidence by addressing an audience. We equip learners with positive feedback on which they can improve and develop. We shape the youth of South Africa to lead with words, voice and conviction.

We equip, uplift and empower the youth of the nation.



Grade 1-12 students from across the country take part in this fast growing and widespread youth leadership in public speaking project. Oppie Tong Af/ On The Tip Of Your Tongue is offering the biggest “LIVE” online public speaking platform nationwide. We are leading the charge to gather online. We are the forerunners of meeting together, while being apart.